Business Startup Kit

designed by Mary, a UX designer

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Would you like to boost your income? There has never been a better time to start a new business or side-hustle than now. 

My name is Mary and I am a UX designer. I am committed to helping skilled workers start a business so they can become financially-independent. To help them do this, I designed the Business Startup Kit. The kit has everything you need to begin your new business venture. I tested the kit on a sample business and made a few hundred dollars in less than a month, so I know it works.

The goal of the Startup Kit is to help you get your first sale in the business. Once you get one sale, it is easy to get more sales using your marketing system.

The Startup Kit is ideal for someone who has skills, is a quick thinker, and who has a little bit of extra time on their hands. Side-hustles are great way to make money in your spare time. Once the business brings in more money than your job, then you can quit your job and do the business full-time. 

The Startup Kit includes:


The price of the Startup Kit is $35 CAD (approx $26 US). Fee is non-refundable.


Click the link below and pay for the Startup Kit. After your payment is processed, you will be directed to a secure webpage where you can read (or print portions of) the kit. Be sure to bookmark this page. You will also need a notebook or pad of paper for making your plans. 

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