Business Ideas

Side-Hustle Startup Kit

Hosting a Suite in your home and listing it on Airbnb or VRBO

Gourmet Catering

Short-term Employment Agency

Residential and Vacation Home Cleaning

Decluttering Homes, Garages, and Small businesses

Classic Car Restoration

Mobile Power-washing

Mobile Mechanic and Car-detailing

Snow Removal of Driveways and Sidewalks

Clean-up Crew after Storms and Natural Disasters

Garden and Lawn Maintenance of Strata properties and Private Residences

Video Game Consulting and Setting up Gaming Equipment

Group Travel Trip Planning

Event Planning and Catering

Spa and Massage Therapy

Hosting Competitions, such as dog shows or writing contests

Designing Diffuser Oils and Selling Aromatherapy Kits

Designing Bath and Beauty Products

Designing or remodeling Retro Vintage Clothing

Work-from-home Virtual Assistant

Coordinator of Meeting Rooms with coffee service

Refinishing and selling wooden antiques

Doggy Daycare and Dog-walking

House-sitting and Pet-sitting

Pet obedience training and How to do tricks

Pet-grooming & Designing Pet Costumes

Private Limousine

Home-delivery of Packages

Refurbishing and Selling Devices, such as smartphones and laptops

Wedding Planning Coordinator

Caregiver Companion

Family Photos and Corporate Calendars

House Party Chaperones

Weekend Dance Club with a no-alcohol, no-drug policy

Tarot Readings and Future Predictions

Online Reselling